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ab psych feb 16 notes

ab psych feb 16 notes - Ab psych feb 16 notes Essential...

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Ab psych feb 16 notes - Essential feature: disruption in the usually integrated functions of consciousness, memory, identity or perception of the environment - disturbance may be sudden or gradual transient or chronic dissociative amnesia: partial loss of important personal information; may occur suddenly after stressful/traumatic event - localized: failure to recall all the events that happened during a specific, short period - selective: inability to remember certain details of an incident - generalized: inability to remember anything about one ʼ s past life - systematized: loss of memory for certain categories of information - continuous: inability to recall events between specific time in the past and present Dissociative fugue (amnesia + travel) - confusion over personal identity, together with unexpected travel away from home - also called fugue state - usually involves only short periods of time with incomplete change of identity - recovery can be abrupt Depersonalization disorder: - Characterized by feelings of unreality concerning self and environment - depersonalization is the most common dissociative disorder Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder:
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