social psych - feb 8 notes

social psych - feb 8 notes - social psych - feb 8 1. to be...

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social psych - feb 8 1. to be seen as likeable - ingratiation 2. to be seen as competent - self promotion 3. to be seen as powerful - Zanna and Pack experiment- women anticipated interacting w/ a man who was either highly desirable or not highly desirable, and who held either traditional gender roles ( passive, housewife), or non-traditional views (believing the ideal woman to be independent and ambitious) results showed that for the desirable man - the women shift their views as closer to his undesirable man - views did not change at all these Fnding indicate - - people realize that other people like those who are similar to them - people sometimes change their public opinions get desirable others to like them Attractive people recieve many beneFts, including: - they are seen as more honest - they are more likely to be hired for managerial positions and elect to public ofFce - they receive shorter sentences for felonies realizing this, most people try to make themselves more attractive - 6.9 million plastic surgeries in 2002 in US - 5 million american currently wear braces or other orthodontic devices - Americans spend $35 billion a year on diet foods, weight loss programs, and health club memberships cultural differences in modesty: - compared to european americans, A±rican americans are more tolerant of bragging - asian americans are the most likely to project modesty women are more likely to - smile - compliment others - agree with others - present themselves modestly explanations: - socialization - women may get more social rewards for being agreeable - girls become more nonverbally agreeable as they move through adolescence and
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social psych - feb 8 notes - social psych - feb 8 1. to be...

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