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cities & societies feb 1 notes

cities & societies feb 1 notes - Tuesday february 1...

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Tuesday february 1 - economic globalization urbanization has been linked to industrialization deindustrialization capitalism and since 1980 ʼ s, globalization National shift - rustbelt to sunbelt global Shift - from core to periphery industrialization in the periphery (rise of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore) Deindustrialization (increased polarization of wealth/poor in large older capitalist cities rise of service sector in core (mostly in MDC ʼ s, and India) Globalization- 1. increasing interconnectedness of people and places through processes of economic, political, cultural and environmental change example: olympic games lives of ordinary people shaped by events, actions from far away 2. overarching process of integration and convergence ATM ʼ s worldwide globalization takes place in cities, and cities embody and reflect globalization technology has sped up the spread of information Three types of globalization: economic:
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