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cities and societies feb 8 notes copy

cities and societies feb 8 notes copy - Cities and...

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Cities and Societies - Feb 8 restructuring of the global economy is reflected and embodied in the crisis of urban spaces and urban representation 1. some northeast cities decline = rustbelt - high unemployment, physical decay, abandoned, polluted areas 2. western cities see upsurge in service employment “sunbelt” - clean environment, high tech image 3. the emergence of the urban hierarchy 4. growing competition between cities to attract new business (most of this is service sector) competing regionally, nationally and now GLOBALLY cosmopolitan: multi-cultural consumption - restaurants, furniture stores, coffee shops - using this measurements instead of command functions positives/drawbacks Strategies for economic development - smokestack chasing- generating manufacturing jobs, poaching from other cities - target marketing - attraction of jobs in target industries, “improving” the physical infrastructure - product development- jobs of the future - cities are represented through maps, coats of arms, slogans, spectacles, etc.
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