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Date: October 3, 2008 To: All Employees From: Kimberly Jackson, Human Resources Subject: Please Reply on the New Holiday Plan We want to see what you think about instituting a new holiday plan where you can have an individual floating holiday that you choose. As you know, in the past we’ve offered you 11 holidays (starting with new Year’s Day in January and proceeding through Christmas Day the following December). Now, however, we’re giving consideration to a new plan of a floating holiday that we feel will be better. However, if everyone wanted the same day, we could not allow everyone to take it. In that case, we would allow the employee with the most seniority to
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Unformatted text preview: have the day off. This new plan involves a floating holiday that you may decide for yourself through this procedure: 1. Choose a day that you want outside of the eleven we offer. 2. Evaluation of your selection would have to be subject to our staffing needs within individual departments. 3. Issued restrictions on holiday of choice. Please let us know what you think as soon as possible. We want you input about which plan we should consider for you. Either keeping the original eleven holidays offered or giving you the choice of a floating holiday....
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