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COMnegativeletter - explaining that beyond my control the...

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Brittany Smith 1041 NW 203 Street Miami, FL 33169 November 11, 2008 Ms. Nataleigh Haggard 9684 Middletown Road Germantown, OH 45327 Dear Ms. Haggard: Sorry for the misunderstanding of the change of plans at Five Flags Park. I understand that Five Flags took you when the park had to substitute performers for the Wounded Buffalo and Pygmy Circus Summertime Slam performance on July 4. First, I was in charged of providing only the theater facility and advertising. Three days before the show, the promoter left town leaving the show in my hands. Unfortunately, the artist the promoter promised to deliver was not even planning to attend. The event was modified on Thursday since it been advertised and many people would come expecting some kind of talent. To notify customers there was a radio advertising
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Unformatted text preview: explaining that beyond my control, the Wounded Buffalo and Pygmy Circus band wound not be appearing. Also, the new talent and posted signs at the entrance and in the parking lot announced that changed of the show. Although, with regard to your request of a refund of $150 (two tickets at $75 each), I am sorry but I cannot give you’re your money back because of our policy. We would have been able to refund your money before the show at the box office. For your convenience, I will give you and a guest complimentary passes to Five Flags Lake Point Park under happier circumstances. Sincerely, Brittany Smith Manager of Promotions and Advertising...
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