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MAR3032Project - • Urbanites who seek fun and maybe...

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Assignment #2 Team #2 Hidden Wall Safe Group Members Brittany Smith Deivon Dickerson Richard Medina Michelle Rowley Trenard Turner Consumer Analysis Needs: Fulfilling the needs of the average person from buying a costly visible safe Likes-creative, affordable, secure Dislikes- minimum space Need to conserve valuables Involvement Level Low involvement due to its cost effectiveness The Secret Keeper is a perfect choice if the need a safe that is inexpensive yet effective Psychographics: Has concerns about valuables that need to be protected Have constrained schedules and need a close location in which to place a safe Is willing to spend money on new technology features Live very busy lives and need to use time wisely to enjoy all they want to do Behavioral Factors: All classes (low, middle, and high) who live in Southeast Florida
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Unformatted text preview: • Urbanites who seek fun and maybe social drinkers • Impose shoppers and those willing to purchase items on the internet Demographics • All ethnicities • Due to the versatility of our product our target market can be utilized between the age groups of young adults and older patrons • Average Disposable income is $496,165 in the subcategory of small appliances for all four southeastern Florida counties which is our target market Marketing Environment: • Strengths: Innovative way to keep things hidden • Weaknesses: Not the best alternative to keep things safe • Opportunities: The potential to provide a variety of sizes through product development • Threats: Larger companies who offer security wall systems and alternatives to wall safes...
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