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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT (MAN 4720) SEMESTER PROJECT PROFESSOR YAP Fall 2010 Business Situation A local small or mid-sized company/organization has hired you to develop a Comprehensive Strategic Business Plan to help them effective prepare their organization for growth and profitability in current the turbulent economy. Your task is to choose a real and existing small or mid-sized company where the manager(s) and/or owner(s) would be interested in your services. The chosen company can be one you currently work for or even a company that a friend or family member is currently employed. However, it is critical that you have direct communication with the individual at the company who has the authority to review and implement the plan you will develop. Important Note: Your company must be submitted and approved by the professor via Blackboard email first to receive credit for the project. Please send your company selections to me via Blackboard and title the Subject “Company Selection for Course Project.” Once approved, you will then meet with the business owner(s)/manager(s) to gather the information needed to develop the Strategic Business Plan for the company. An important part of this project is for you to develop the Plan in such a way that it is visually appealing and easy to understand for these business owners. As a result of the economic uncertainty that is currently being experienced by many businesses, there are likely to be many small and mid-sized companies and organizations that would be highly receptive to an FIU business student developing a Strategic Business Plan for their company. Report - The report you submit via the Blackboard InBox at the end of the semester should be 5 to 10 pages single-spaced using 12 point Times Roman or Arial font. (If you need to expand to 15 pages that would be fine as well). Use a professional layout as you will also be graded on report preparation and document presentation. You will also be required to submit 5-10 PPT slides that provide important highlights in your report. See the following page for the required sections and description of your Strategic Business Plan. Due Date - All reports and PPTs are to be uploaded to the Blackboard Semester Project InBox by 12/10/2010 at 11pm. Note: When uploading the report and the PPT presentation into the Blackboard Inbox, please limit each file to 1MB in size. Also, remember that only one member of the group (if you are working as a group) is to upload the documents into the Blackboard Inbox at the end of the semester.
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STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLAN OUTLINE The following provide an outline of the material to be included in your business plan. I.
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Semester%20Project%20MAN%204720%20fall%202010-1 - STRATEGIC...

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