Chapter5Quiz - commercial bank. d. investment company. ____...

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Name__________________________________________ Date_______________________ CHAPTER 5 QUIZ TRUE-FALSE __ __ _1. A quick source of cash is to liquidate savings. ____ _2. Demand deposits refer to money deposited in savings accounts. ____ _3. A credit union usually offers a wider range of financial services than a commercial bank. ____ _4. A savings account with daily compounding will have higher earnings than an account with quarterly compounding. ____ _5. A CD account is a checking account that earns interest. MULTIPLE CHOICE __ __ _6. The fewest financial services would probably be offered by a(n) a. credit union. b. savings and loan association. c.
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Unformatted text preview: commercial bank. d. investment company. ____ _7. The rate of return on a savings account may also be referred to as a. yield. b. compounding. c. liquidity. d. equity. ____ _8. The savings plan that is likely to have a set rate of return is a a. money market account. b. certificate of deposit. c. debit card account. d. money market fund. ____ _9. A personal check with guaranteed payment is a a. certified check. b. bank draft. c. cashiers check. d. money order. ____ _10. A __________ endorsement is most useful when depositing checks by mail. a. special b. blank c. restrictive d. multiple...
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Chapter5Quiz - commercial bank. d. investment company. ____...

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