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Unformatted text preview: he Reform movements throughout the history of Islam In the late eighteenth century a purification movement started by Mohammed ibn Abdul Wahhab, who was influenced by ibn Taymiyyah, took root in Arabia. Wahhab preached a puritanical strain of Islam that sought to rid the religion of practices added after the first few decades following Mohammed’s death One hundred years after Wahhab a reform movement named after the elders if Islam, Salafiyya, grew from North Africa. It gave rise to the Muslim Brotherhood The Brotherhood preached a message of purification similar to that of Wahhab. The Brothers were not militant By 1950, a violent wing of the Brotherhood fell under the influence of Sayyid Qutb, a radical Muslim who called for the imposition of Islamic law The Origins of Jihadist Networks The John Colley Believes the foundation of modern Jihadist power grew from the Cold War, and he blames the West for incubating the network The Origins of Jihadist Networks The The relationship between the United States and the mujahadeen during the Soviet­Afghan War The United States helped Saudi Arabia develop a funding mechanism and underground arms network to supply the mujahadeen The United States agreed to give most of the weapons and supplies to the Interservice Intelligence Agency (ISI), while the ISI built mujahadeen groups with little American participation Islamic charities flourished in the United States, and their donations supported the mujahadeen When the Soviets left Afghanistan in 1989, the United States rejoiced and abandoned war­torn Afghanistan Jihad Continues in Afghanistan Afghanistan Jihad Continues in Afghanistan Jihad After the Soviet­Afghan War The mujahadeen groups continued to fight for control of the country Americans paid more attention to potential profits than the political problems brewing in Afghanistan On another level, the United States simply ignored issues The Rise of Osama bin Laden Laden The Rise of Osama bin Laden The Bin Laden’s influences Bin laden was influenced by Sayyid Qutb’s thought While in Afghanistan, bin Laden fell under the inf...
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