Bible - • Hercules was sent to kill the Nemean Lion The...

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Stories/Myths Biblical Crucifixion Jesus dying on the cross Last Judgment Moment that happens at the end of time, Jesus comes again as “second coming,” he gathers all of the people and judges them and deems whether they should go to heaven or hell Often portrayed with god in a lightened mandora at the top of the picture and then below him on one side are the good people, and the bad people are on the other side Saint Catharine Saint Catharine was being tortured because she was a marauder. She followed Christianity between 33bc to 313bc and died during this time period (therefore titled a marauder). She was tortured by being tied to a wheel with spikes the wheel rolling over and over. However, with the help from God the wheel broke before she was hurt. She is pictured holding a palm (marauder) and spiked wheel (often half a wheel) Myths Hercules and the Lion
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Unformatted text preview: • Hercules was sent to kill the Nemean Lion. The lion had skin that was impenetrable so no weapon could kill him. Hercules had to use his bare hands he strangled the lion. After he died, Hercules used the lions own sharp claws to take of the skin and create a cloak of impenetrable armor. He also often puts the lion’s head over his own head. Symbolizes, Hercules strength in defeating the lion and his new strength as a result of the cloak. Mermaid • Sheila-na-gig - Ancient Ireland symbol of fertility • Siren – Ancient Greek symbol of danger • Little mermaid – sire adaption, hair is sensual but only 1 fin, not sexual • Starbucks o Originally very sensual Sheila-na-gig and over time became more appropriate o “Addictive message put subtly” – warning of the caffine Story of the Greek Gods (in notes)...
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Bible - • Hercules was sent to kill the Nemean Lion The...

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