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Study Guide 2 Exam 2 October, 22 nd Creation and Structure: The Judeo-Christian World 1. God in the person of Jesus was very easy for artists to represent since he was God in human form. The New Testament stated that God the Holy Spirit descended from heaven in the form of the dove. But how was God the Father, the Creator of the Universe, depicted? What does this image ultimately come from? How do his clothes enhance his status? - Quote from the bible “God created man to look like him” so some artists originally depicted God the Father similar to Adam, a man. However, this caused a lot of confusion because then Man looks like God, God looks like Jesus etc. - During Renaissance, Michelangelo first depicted God the Father as a perfect human, however with long white hair and a flowing beard. o Compares him to Zeus, the most powerful person in Greek mythology. o Wore a toga because it was a representation of power in Ancient times. - Contemporary clothing of power, Papal crown and a more elaborate toga. 2. How is the Adam story like the Prometheus story? Think about Adam’s name as a way to explain this parallel. - Adam’s name is originally Adamah, the Hebrew word for earth. The bible tells the story of the first man, Adam being formed out of the dust on the ground by God. This parallels to the Prometheus Story. Prometheus creates his mudmen, out of the earth. Specifically, the mud and divine blood. 3. How is Eve like Pandora? - Eve is created and eats the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. This releases all of the evil into the world. Life
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for man is no longer perfect bliss; it’s filled with unremitting labor. She is often compared to Pandora, because she also goes against instruction and opens the box which releases all evils into the world. Both of the women represent the entrance of evil into the world. 4. What is the Fall of Man? Why would this be a good image to be included with a scene of the Annunciate to Mary? Why would this be a good image for a tomb? - The Fall of Man is the original Sin. Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden because Eve ate the forbidden fruit. They were naked and immediately covering their bodies. This was the moment were evil entered the world. - This image is often included with a scene of the Annunciation to Mary because this represented the start of the Salvation of man. Adam and Eve committed original sin but at the Annunciation to Mary, Christ is now coming as a human and being sacrificed so the Christians can once again have a life after death. - This scene is often on tombs because it’s reminding people, if you believe in original sin and Christ’s crucifixion for Christians, then you will also have a life after death. 5.
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Exam 2 - Study Guide - Study Guide 2 Exam 2 October 22nd C...

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