Exam 3 - E xam 3 December 10th T he Hero Hero Myths Not in...

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Exam 3 December 10 th The Hero Hero Myths Not in a all cultures o Ancient Egypt and Bible don’t have them We focus more on Greek and Roman Myths Elements of Heroic Stories (“apply these 6 elements to a hero from the 21 st century”) o Birth/Childhood: Divine parentage Miraculous or unusual childhood Something that separates him from everyone else o Antagonist This is the person who sets the tasks for the hero Bad guy o The Tasks These are the things that will try a hero and prove his worthiness Generally these involve a journey or a quest o Divine Assistance A god or goddess who helps the hero o Rewards Returns home and receives something of great value o Death May transcend death, or die in disgrace Heroes o Perseus o Hercules o Theseus
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Perseus “The destroyer” o Acrisius has fathered the powerful daughter Danae. He wanted a male heir, and a prophecy tells him he will have a son through Danae, but this son will kill Acrisius. So Acrisius locks his daughter away so no man can get to her. But Danae is so beautiful that she catches Zeus’ eye from the heavens. Zeus impregnates Danae, and she gives birth to Perseus. Danae keeps baby Perseus a secret so Acrisius doesn’t know of his birth. Years later, Acrisius finds out that Danae gave birth to the son that will later kill him. He thinks it must be a man who somehow got into the room. Acrisius doesn’t want to kill Perseus in case he is by chance a God’s child. He puts them in a boat and sends them away. The boat with Danae and Perseus is found by Dicty’s and Polydectes on an island. Polydectes wants Danae to be his mistress and Perseus defends Danae. So Perseus finds his adversary, and he must protect his mother from him. Polydectes asks everyone to give him a ‘young horse’ for the marriage ceremony. Perseus is poor and he doesn’t have a house, he says he’ll go get the “Gorgon’s Head.” No one has ever completed this impossible task alive. Medusa is one of the three and the only one who could be killed, they live at the end of the world, and the other two sisters will kill him. Athena appears to help Perseus on how to complete his task. Athena says that he needs to talk to the Graeae to find where the Gorgon’s are. There he learns he has to go to the nymphs to find more. Here he receives the cap of Hades (makes you invisible), winged sandals (speed and able to fly), leather pouch (he can put the head of Medusa in this pouch so he doesn’t have to look at it), a sword and shield (to use as weapons). Lastly, the nymphs tell Perseus where he can find the Gorgon sisters. Perseus eventually finds the Gorgon sisters. He uses his shield to find the sisters since he can’t look straight at them. He goes straight to Medusa and cuts off her head. She was actually pregnant at the time, and Pegasus
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Exam 3 - E xam 3 December 10th T he Hero Hero Myths Not in...

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