Exam 2 - Exam 2 April 7th Formation of the Earth and the...

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Exam 2 April 7 th Formation of the Earth and the Archean Eon Astronomy Basis o Big Bang Theory Formation of the universe from golf ball sized energy Edwin Hubble and red shift o Formation of Solar System Solar Nebula Hypothesis: Eight planets orbit in the same direction Same plane (of the ecliptic) Rotate in the same direction (not Venus) o Solar Nebula origin of solar system Giant gas ball rotation gravitational collapse toward center protoplanet formation by accretion fusion begins in Sun with explosion blowing light elements away from the inner solar system (then the sun is a self-perpetual machine) o Planet Characteristics Terrestial Planets Mercury – hot, small, near sun Venus – hot, 470 C, high (90 atms) atmospheric pressure, backwards spin Earth, just right, 15 C, 1 atmosphere (atm), large moon stabilizes the spin of the year Mars - -63 C, .1 atmosphere (atm) Asteroid belt – broken planet? Jovian Plaents Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune o Large gaseous planets Pluto - Planetoids o A planet must have enough gravity to be spherical o Earth Differentiates 4.53-4.56 billion years ago Earth is a random accumulation of space debris Partial melting (requires internal heat) Meteorite bombardment Gravitational collapse Radioactive decay (fission?) Density Differation
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Heavy metal sinks - Iron, Nickel o Partially molten core Light material floats -Oxygen, silicon Core Iron-Nickel – two magnetic elements o Liquid portion convects and has slightly different spin rate slippage
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Exam 2 - Exam 2 April 7th Formation of the Earth and the...

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