Lab Notes - L ab 1 o Mineral o Naturally occurring...

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Lab 1 o Mineral o Naturally occurring homogeneous solid, inorganically formed, with a definite chemical composition, and an ordered atomic arrangement in a lattice o Rock o Coherent, naturally occurring solid, consisting of an aggregate of minerals or a mass of glass o Salt Mineral = halite Rock = Rock salt Cubic, many colors, Bonneville Salt Flats – Nevada – Salt carried down from Mountains Table salt – from evaporation – 3% of total salt Most salt is used to melt the ice on the roads o Mineral Specimen o Quartz – SiO 2 Silicon Dioxide Many colors – opul, jasper, amythst, clear Flint o Mineral Characteristics o Luster – metallic or nomentallic Vitreous, adamantine, greasy, waxy, silky, pearly o Streak – color of powdered mineral o Cleavage – tendency of minerals to break in dfinite directions, parallel to crystal faces o Fracture – minerals without cleavage may show a characteristic fracture (conchoidal – glass) o Hardness – resistance to scratching Moh’s hardness scale o Rock Types o Sedimentary – mostly this course, fossils o Igenous – casts formed from cooling lava around tree, or people in pompei o Metamorphic – very little information o Sedimentary o Comglomerates – large rounded rock clasts in a ‘mud’ clue o Shale – mud, clay o Sandstone – sand o Limestone – carbonate, chemically precipitated o Igenous – granite (mt. Rushmore), diorite, gabbro, obsidian (class, conchoidal fracture) o Metamorphic – slate – phyllite – Gneiss - Schist
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Lab 2 – Clastic Rocks o Clastic o Consolidated sedimentary rock composed principally of broken fragments that are derived from pre-existing rocks
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Lab Notes - L ab 1 o Mineral o Naturally occurring...

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