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Exam 1 - Math 351 Test 1 1 Suppose we have ve identical red...

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September 28, 2010 Math 351 - Test 1 1. Suppose we have five identical red books, six identical green books, and three different yellow books. (a) In how many different ways can they be arranged on a shelf? (b) In how many different ways can they be arranged on a shelf if the yellow books must all be together? 2. Suppose we have five different math books, seven different chemistry books, and five different physics books. In how many ways can we select three books from each of the three subjects and then arrange those nine selected books on a shelf in such a way that books of the same subject are kept together? 3. How many ways can we divide ten identical desks among six schools, assuming that not every school has to be given a desk. (I suggest you begin by letting x i be the number of desks given to school i , where i varies from 1 to 6.) 4. Let A and B be two events. Suppose in this question that P ( A ) = 3 / 12 and P ( B ) = 5 / 12. Suppose also the probability of the event that either A or B occurs is 7 / 12.
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