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September 7, 2010 Math 351 - Homework 2 Due in class on Thursday. In each of these probJems show exactly what it is you are calcuJating and then complete the calculation using a calculator. It's ok to answer each question in the space provided. The work you turn in must be your work, not done in consultation with anyone else in the class. 1. Suppose we wish to divide 21 identical blackboards among 5 schools. Decide in many ways this be done if School I must get at least four, School II must get at least three, School III must get at least two, School IV must get at least one, and School V mayor may not get one. (FOT example it might be that School I gets 9, School II gets 4, School III gets 2, School IV gets 3 and School V gets 3.) l.« Xe':- #t"fb-ttIIJ t~~ S~ ( ;uA. teL i ~ x, -~ {.2. = IC' ... -} Jj: XJ -2,t ~ = X.,.-f
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Unformatted text preview: >'.r:' )r"r. r{e.-, ~ Ye' :. £" K,' -10:' ~(-l'ffJ :. ~ ~fII'101 y,~ «'. I (.' A_ II~tIf}. .. 1'1"'1::. /21, 'D ... -/--1--;-y.. -. te~ ... r f-"j l£ 2. Say we have an urn consisting of 10 labeled blue balls, 5 labeled red balls and 4 labeled green balls (so that each ball has a different label). (a) In how many ways can we select 10 balls from the urn so that we get exactly 5 blue, 3 red and 2 green? i.to! ::(t;}!)/i) ~ @;!l.§? (b) In how many ways can we select 10 balls so that we get either 5 or 6 blue? "::J~ .r' q.,'/ r 0 (-~ It; J ..!!'r 4:> «, ... .r ," (/1-1 eI f ,'.le t../ :: e;)'(l) + (~o}(:) -::rfj2iy (c) In how many ways you can select 7 balls so that at least one of them is blue. Do it by making use of t}l(' number of ways of selecting 7 balls ami no blue ones. #'e.li~ ~ &~O~ ~/t.<.t...
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