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-- October 1, 2010 Math 351 - Homework 7 1. Suppose we have three cards. The first is red on both sides, the second is blue on both sides. and the third is red Oil olle side and blue 011 the other. Label the sides of the first card as Rl and R 2 lahel the sides of the second card as BI and B2 and label the sides of the third card as Rand B. Do the following experiment: randomly pick one of the cards, make a note of the label on the nptnrned side and then make a note of the label on the reverse side. (a) \Vrite down the sample space of the six possible outcomes for the above experiment. 5~ [,e/~7./ /2__ ~f Ll/.8'l;. . /l z..~. 124 ~~ I' /' 7' /'" (b) Let C= "the side facing up of the chosen card is red" and D= "the reverse side of the chosen card is blue". Calculate P(DIC). Do it by first identifying what is the reduced sample space. Lcdc.tC~_4Jq~A ~ ~ C:::.p,£?~ ..... ,.ey,eg) 2. T""~{. 'iiin-::"', k,equence of ,esult,. (a) Write down the sample space of the 36 possible outcomes.
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