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~/ October 5, 2010 - Math 351 - Homework 8 Due in class on Thursday. 1. (This comes partially from problem 18 in the text.) A total of 46% of the people eligible to vote in a certain city classify themselves as Independents, 30% as Liberals and 24% as Conservatives. In a recent local election, 35% of the Independents, 62% of the Liberals, and 58% of the Conservatives participated in the election by voting. (a) Write down all of the information that is described above on a tree diagram. Be sure to write the appropriate probabilities on each of the edges. Then use your tree diagram to answer each of the following questions. Credit only if you clearly show what you are calculating. Z .)r tr yC (b) If we randomly select a person from the group of Conservatives, what is the probability that this person did not participate in this local election?
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Unformatted text preview: ~(VIC) ~ (i}) (c) What is the probability that a person participated in this local election? P(v}=-t76)(. Js)r { J)(.62).,c(2~(~r8)-::' ~ (d) If one of the peopie who participated by voting in this local election is randomly selected, what is the probability this person is an Independent? P{'Z(/j _ /(Z:!v)~ ....-~Cl/) (e) What is the probability that a randomly selected person eligible to vote is either an Independent I'(i y) W:O(Z~01r~'al ~; ;t;;: 1(.2~ jI (~~7''' P//y e..-CA-J,-'~) -.... (. t,j{r 3.rJ f (. 3)(,) 8/ :: l'<?S' (f) What is the probability tha a ran omly selected person eligible to vote is either an independent or someone who participated by voting? P(IuV)~ /P(z)t-/,(vj-/J(ZI7t// --· 'Y" +. ~ fG;Z -~ 7" '/ (. s r) :: 08f?~...
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