Homework 10 - /J{7<)~ I-f!j ~ ij,l'2 Y(f)~}J(b Find the...

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/J~7 Math 351 - Homework ,0 Due in class on Tuesday. 1. An contains three blue, four red, one green, two black, and five yellow balls. Take a ball, note its color, put it back in the the urn, and then repeat five more times (so that in all you noted six colors). Let B "get at least one blue ball"" and Y "get at lea. .<;t one yellow ball". In answering each of the following, think about the use of the complementary event and also of the inclusion-exclusion principle. J 6 tr (a) Find P(B) and P(Y). ~J1f ('Y pa)-:./-fJacj /(1~ /-
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Unformatted text preview: ,/J{7<)~ I-f.!j ~. ij,l '2. Y-(f/)~ .?}J' (b) Find the probability you get either at least one blue or yellow ball. /(8 or)"-I -. f>{/J~r'/:-/_ /!. .u (" ~ 0'5) . .::. /~Cf/ X o. rfi? (c) Find the probability you get at least one blue and at least one yellow ball. (d) Find the probability you get at least one blue given that you get at least one yellow. (J(IJ!r)~ (e) Are Band Y independent? Credit only for a mathematical reason. /(8 1 ;j-::o.n3.,/ /(8)-::. 7JJ· --I fcglY)~ /(ZJ/ So-/l~ ,,'v{ .(~P--r c(e4(' ~...
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