Homework 13 - Ix alld Fx . .-t. tS 6)=-f ({t/ct1(_ (c) What...

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Nov. 2,2010 (]~7 Math 351 - Homework 13 Due in class on Thursday. 1. Let X be the continuous random variable that represents the amount of gasoline (in thousands of gallons) that a filling station sells per week. Say its probability density function is given by Ix(x) = if 0 < ~ < 1 {C(l - x) o otherwIse ( a) Calculate c. /=:. . (b) Filld the cUlllulative distributioll function Fx(x). Sketch the graph of both
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Unformatted text preview: Ix alld Fx . .-t. tS 6)=-f ({t/ct1(_ (c) What is the probability the station sells between 500 and 750 gallons? -~ (!) ~x c::: (. . T~ if" ,..:::.0 ~-~ D.5-1::</ l' C*'r th" z.p 4 ut: -..l: 'L =:. x:. c'?. .-.-9. (d) Calculate the expected value and the variance of X. r ( I-~ ..... / C (x)=. f-t >.&4 <&: ~ fj.t. -u'7 ~ ----J J C/ 0 ~ 6: >-)-:: [1. '->. {/-q~; I ~L. t_ U. Y cO-'-00....
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