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Tarara_Winery_Group_Presentation - • Tasting and Tours...

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Tarara Winery Group Presentation Presentation Due: April 12 th 13648 Tarara Lane, Leesburg, VA 20176 | Telephone: (703) 771-7100 Objective: Sell Tarara Winery to a group of tour operators so they will create a trip there. Site Visit: Plan a visit asap; schedule a visit ahead of time. Do a tasting, walk around, take pictures, and meet with a manger to discuss their tactics for attracting tourists. Make sure we know everything that Tarara has to offer tourists. o Kid friendly? o Accommodations? o Is there a specific demographic they cater towards? o Price ranges, is it affordable or higher end? Experience Tarara and Areas to focus on:
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Unformatted text preview: • Tasting and Tours • Ability to host group events: weddings, banquets, corporate events. • Events they host: o Upick fruit o Wine making cave o Summer concerts o Hiking trails • Pretty much focus on the versatility of the winery and how it offers something for everyone! Selling our Presentation: • Do a mock tasting: grape juice, cheese/crackers, and dark chocolate, fake plastic wine glasses? • Set up desks in a U or long table so it has a board room feel? • Parting gift to be given along with brochure or flyer? Sticker, pen from winery?...
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