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Tarara_Winery_Presentation_Outline - o MICE aspect • What...

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Tarara Winery Presentation Outline Introduction (Celia) o Facts and history of the winery o Whitie Hubert and his wife Margaret in 1975 purchased 475 acres of prime Virginia farmland nestled along the Potomac river. In 1985, they built Tarara. o Noah’s ark story o Idea that Tarara winery has something for everyone and at every price range! What Tarara has to offer: hosting special events (Laura) o Weddings The Lakeside Pavilion The Meadow Pavilion The Executive Conference Room The Bacchus Gallery and Winery Deck The Winemaker's Cave The Lawn at Shadow Lake o Corporate teambuilding with wine coach Laurie Forster
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Unformatted text preview: o MICE aspect • What Tarara has to offer: Friends and Couples (Seidu) o Makes a great day trip or date o Host their own wine festival o Picnic lunches- allowed to bring your own food in. o Tasting Classic tasting- 10 dollars for 6 wines Premier tasting- 20 dollars for 75 minute wine and food pairing. • What Tarara has to offer: Families (Dana) o UPick fruit in summer o Summer Concert Series o Plenty of hiking trails • Mock Tasting- Rien, lead facilitator • Go over 5 S’s of tasting wine 20 Minute Presentation: Information: 10 minutess Tasting: 5-8 minutes Q and A: 2-3 minutes...
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