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sample prelim draft - Preliminary DraftWorkshop Sample:...

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Preliminary Draft—Workshop Sample: Some would argue that if an athlete wants to harm himself or herself, it should be the decision of that individual. Unfortunately, matters such as these are not that simple. When one athlete cheats by giving himself or herself an advantage over other athletes in the field, it can in fact harm other competitors as well. In his essay, “The Coercive Power of Drugs in Sport,” Thomas H. Murray states that, “There is an inherent coerciveness present in [drug use in sports]: when some choose to do what gives them a competitive edge, others will be pressed to do likewise or resign themselves to either accepting a competitive disadvantage or leaving the endeavor entirely.” In other words, when one athlete dopes, others either have to dope to keep up with them, or give up on their dreams of being competitive. Neither outcome is favorable, and both cause harm to the athletes involved. Even those who argue that athletes should be able to harm themselves if they so choose cannot argue that they should be able to harm others (Wilson and Derse 139). This is obvious in circumstances where money is at stake, and causing another athlete to miss out on winnings, which may be that athlete’s source of income, is in fact harming another person. When a pro athlete depends on winning races as a means of making money and therefore surviving, breaking the rules of competition by using banned substances is essentially taking away that person’s livelihood. If a person’s source of income is unfairly compromised, it is them possible
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sample prelim draft - Preliminary DraftWorkshop Sample:...

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