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BUDGET ANALYSIS - them pay for some of their cost GG’s...

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BUDGET ANALYSIS SET BUDGET: $75,000 This budget influenced us because we had a high profile couple. Since GG was a basketball player, we needed to invite people who also had high profiles. We also needed security. Since we did have a large budget, we also had the opportunity to pay for some of the guests to have an all-inclusive package. This way all the people who were traveling far distances to get to Miami, it would help
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Unformatted text preview: them pay for some of their cost. GG’s family paid for most of the wedding as a gift to Pia. Since her father had previously passed away, it was not in the cards for her mother to pay for a majority of the wedding. This was Pia’s special day, and the Greco family wanted to do this for her. PIA AND GIOVANNI 1 5...
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