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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The wedding of Pia Ahlambar and Giovanni Greco took place on Saturday, September 18 th , 2009 at the Sirata Beach Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida. The wedding was held in the early evening and consisted of an outdoor ceremony on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and an indoor reception held in the banquet hall of the Sirata Beach Resort’s Queen Palm ballroom. The bride was an exotically beautiful young accountant paired with a very handsome professional basketball player. The couple had sophistication about them. The specialty of the wedding came to exemplify the princess character of the bride, Pia. The theme was Royal Persian with accenting colors of gold and burgundy. The rich, lavish theme fit the bride well and held a very elegant, sophisticated air to the day’s events. The beachfront ceremony was elegant and had much family involvement with solos sung by two of the groom’s family
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Unformatted text preview: members. The floral décor was enhanced by dark red and purple fruits in which added a tinge of exotic flavor to the elegance of the Persian themed wedding. The Sirata Beach Resort provided great ease to the event for having both the ceremony and reception held at the same location, but in different areas of the resort. The resort also had all-inclusive packages including lighting, linens, music and table settings. The venue choice for the location made the day flow quite easily. There was a slight mishap in the morning with the rented limousine, but the predicament was quickly and quietly resolved without the bride or groom’s anxiety being sparked. The reception was quite the party with four hours of open bar and very lively, extravagant guests. Overall, the day went smoothly with minimal complications. PIA AND GIOVANNI 2...
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