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HOW THEY MET As an undergraduate student and cheerleader for the University of Miami, Pia had always kept her eye on the tall and handsome forward, Giovanni, during her freshman and sophomore years of college. Her fantasies came true when a mutual friend introduced the two at a victory celebration after a playoff game and GG asked her out on their first date that night. He was a senior, she a sophomore. They’ve been together ever since. The two moved in together after Pia’s graduation- her first Bachelors degree- to a small apartment located in Miami so GG could train with the Miami Heat team and Pia could pursue her masters degree in marketing without having to create a distance between each other. The two stayed together for six years before GG proposed. THE ENGAGEMENT Pia and GG had been living comfortably together in their Miami apartment for three years without word of engagement. Pia was busy actively pursuing her career, and GG the same while traveling with the basketball team. Pia went to every one of GG’s games that she could,
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