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THE COUPLE The Bride: Pia is a twenty-six year old woman of Persian decent currently residing in Miami, Florida. Her parents grew up in Iran but were both brought to the States in their early adolescent years. Pia has completed both her undergraduate and masters degrees in marketing at the University of Miami in West Palm Beach. She is a beautifully dark complexioned girl with brown hair and eyes and a petite frame. She grew up in Tampa, Florida with a moderate Muslim upbringing where her mother, Pomi, still lives in the home in which Pia grew up. Unfornately, Pia’s father Suranjan passed away in the winter of 2003 from heart failure. Pia, mother Pomi, and
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Unformatted text preview: brother Kunal with wife Caroline and three year old daughter Charisse are still well off financially with the inheritance Suranjan left. Pia is also at a point of great success in her employment as a senior financial analyst with the Calvin Agency, but happiness cannot be bought and only time can heal the Ahlambar family. Pia prides herself in her skills in singing and dancing which her father had always enjoyed watching her do for fun. Pias brother will be walking her down the aisle in place of her deceased father. PIA AND GIOVANNI 3...
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