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UNIQUE SITUATIONS MENU The Ahlambar family members are not strict practitioners of the Muslim doctrine, but they wanted to adhere to the Muslim diet out of respect for the religious ceremony. The catering did not include pork or any gelatin. Muslims are advised not to take part in the drinking of wine therefore wine was not served at the reception. Both items omitted from the reception’s menu went unnoticed by family and friends, and the omission pleased the Ahlambar family. CEREMONY It is tradition for the father of the bride to walk the bride down the aisle during the processional to “give away” the bride to her husband. Unfortunately, Suranjan Ahlambar- father of Pia and former head of the Ahlambar family- passed away seven years prior and could not perform this tradition. Kunal Ahlambar, brother of the bride and current head of the Ahlambar family, walked Pia down the aisle in place of her father. CEREMONY
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