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Instructions for “Optional, Extra Credit” paper The "Optional, Extra Credit" paper is to be an original 5-page analytical review of an article from the Wall Street Journal. Choose a current news article related to our course and use analysis from the course to explain and expand upon it. You must specifically relate the paper to course material to get credit for it. You must also use at least one graph similar to the analytical graphs we have used in class in the paper. The article must be dated after the beginning of this semester and must be turned in with the paper (a Xerox is OK). The paper must be 5 typed pages of text and graphs -- at least 800 words plus graphs. The graphs should not be copied from your news source or from the book, but hand-drawn graphs are fine. You should include an additional page for references -- i.e. the article and your textbook - - and cite these sources in the text of your paper.
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Unformatted text preview: Quoted material must be indicated in quotation marks with the source cited in the text. Please staple your paper in the upper left hand corner. Do not use plastic covers or folders! The paper will be graded as follows: After your exams and participation have been weighted and scaled to 100, the points you receive on the paper will be added on top of that. An “A” paper will receive 6 points. A “B” paper will receive 5 points. A “C” paper will receive 4 points. Inadequate papers – papers that are too short or not well-related to the course -- will receive ZERO points. Please note, however, that the paper should make a very significant difference in your grade. If you choose not to do the paper, you are effectively choosing to get a lower grade than you might otherwise get. The papers are due on the last day of class-- not the day of the final exam -- the last day we meet for a lecture....
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