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Emergency_Response_Plan - Crowd Management and Evacuation...

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Unformatted text preview: Crowd Management and Evacuation 239 to dis- EMERGENCY INSTRUCTIONS FOR ALL EMPLOYEES erned. ‘15 in a To Report . Other than reporting FERE FlRE If you discover a fire or smoke: All employees should: 1_ Sound the building alarm 1. Close windows and Eeave doors open and 2. Call 911*, Building Mgt. 6524200: and the unlocked Crisis Mgr. 2. Evacuate“ the building in accordance with the 3, Follow instructions tor all employees emergency evacuation plan for the area in which you are located at the time of the alarm 3. Proceed to primary staging area at the BOMB THREAT . Eh oncur- If ou receive a bomb threat: fiaé’umbla Square Corner of 12 and F Sts., 1. Record information on FBI Data card 4_ Standby for lurther instructions (Appendix E) a tire. 2. 0331911‘, the Crisis Mgr and Building Mgt. BOMB THREAT E 1118113 is ; 562-1290 E fill employees should; l E 3. WHEN EDSI'UCEEOWS lOF all emDEDYEBS E E i. ll directed — search immediate area for E ' suspicious object {voluntary basis only) . CHEMICAL 0R BlOLOGlCAL THREAT a, ll package found — do not touch C] C1059 3 If you receive a suspicious package/item bi Call Bomb Squad w 911' containing a powdery substance, has . c. Evacuate area. strange odors, stains or leaks: E 2. Ef evacuation" of the building is required fotlow 1 call to 1‘ Do not handle. the evacuation plan A . 2. Isolate the package and cordon oil the area 3' gmceed to primary staging area at Columbia closing all doors leading to the atea. . 4 83%;: f l tl . t uct‘ons _ 3‘ It you handled the item. wash exposed skin E ‘ an y or W ter [her I if: gdasiiisgi‘gi‘lmfls “”m soap and CHEMICAL on BIOLOGICAL THREAT . h . r ' All employees should: 1 lrt t e 4. Notify SEPS and the Crisis Manager. nvmg: 5 Avoid coworkers 1. Stay away from the suspected area and from E 6. W A f H ' f l anyone potentially exposed, ‘ a” or azrnat team or [”55le l 2. If an evacuation is ordered. follow normal decontamination procedure - evacuation procedures. i MEDICAL EMERGENCY EARTHQUAKE If you have, or see someone with, a medical All emElglrees should: Edam“ 4mm enc : 3. Take cover undet table, desk. or in doorway. ‘l. Catt 911’ 5 2. Do not run outdoors. 2. Administer first aid or request assistance. . 3. Call Crisis Manager SEVERE WEATHER ators 111 All employees should: * You must dial “9" for an outside line. 1. Prepare to move to a place of safety. ” In case of evacuation no beverages. food or 2‘ Stay away lrorn large windows. 51. Early bulky items are to be carried into the stairwells 3. Standby for lurther instructions. CE offers ‘ You must dial “9" for an outside tine. “ In case of evacuation no bevetages, food or bulky items are to be carried into the slairweils 2 figure 16w2 Enter enc I instructions to All Em Io ees i e d pr 0- a g ) P Y 'rom the tandard ...
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