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TOUR 220: Intro to Event Management Final Exam Review Sheet Note: For all areas, associated questions may be true/false, fill-in, multiple choice, short answer or essay. Questions will stem from the book, the PowerPoint presentations and class discussions (including the site visit) Event Marketing, Sponsorship Understand and be able to discuss target audience- how target audience relates to an event in every aspect- marketing, planning, evaluation, logistics, etc. Review the sponsorship section- several questions will be asked about sponsors. Understand the timeline for a sponsor campaign Know and understand the marketing process- timeline, consumer decision making process, and elements to marketing an event that we discussed in class. Event Coordination Be able to assess and select event risks based on an event scenario.
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Unformatted text preview: • Be able to put together a communications plan and production schedule based on an event scenario. • Be able to identify and discuss things to look for when conducting a site inspection, the purpose of one and how it could impact your event plan. • Be able to discuss an emergency plan- based on an event scenario. Post Event • Be able to put together questions for an event evaluation based on an event scenario. *Be sure to think about the purpose of the evaluation. • Understand the difference between quantitative and qualitative questions on a survey. • Know the six areas of event impact and both the positive and negative aspects of them and be able to identify and discuss event impacts based on an event scenario....
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