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Your Name: Date: TOUR 220: Peer Evaluation Sheet Event Portfolio Project Due: Wednesday, May 5 Directions: For each of your team members, including yourself , you will complete the following confidential evaluation. Place the name of all team members in the top boxes and then respond to each of the items, using letters to indicate your level of agreement as pertaining to each team member. Put names in boxes below SA = strongly agree A = agree N = neutral D = disagree SD = strongly disagree 1 2 3 4 This team member was present at all the class and outside meetings. This team member actively participated during meetings. This team member met the deadlines for his/her sections of this project. This team member made sufficient effort on the sections s/he
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Unformatted text preview: was responsible for. This team member communicated well with other team members (during team meetings, via email, or during calls). This team member was open to the ideas of other team members. This team member was motivated and made every effort to ensure that the project was a success. What percentage effort (out of 100%) do you feel each group member made toward the project? Name: Percent: Comments: Group Member 1 (Name: ) _______ % ______________________________ Group Member 2 (Name: ) _______ % ______________________________ Group Member 3 (Name: ) _______ % ______________________________ Group Member 4 (Name: ) _______ % ______________________________...
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