Site_plan_and_Risk_Mgt_Plan - Coca-Cola Food Court and...

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Unformatted text preview: Coca-Cola Food Court and Crafts Market g/“W'K‘ NOT DRAWN TO SCALE NOT DRAWN TO SCALE NOT DRAWN TO SCALE 3 f Cake 8 Ice T Vendor Sales <--—To Carnival H E DINING Bud Light Stage TABLES C HBII’WIUmbrellas {No Tents) R O 5 Beer _ Sales 5 {gaic’aamu-z w 180 G Sitver 72? Diner A 728 700 John the i. (Sleek Met Grill 726 7m K (33th Jacks Ice Kleme 725 DINING Mall 752 Caplakn TABLES Crabcake 724 Ha?! wmmbrellas Garbamla _ Granny/5 Fraendly T [Coaksefp’Candyl [No Tents} 704 ?23 H H H Concess. 705 E Onenl Bond 706 Ostmwski Sausage C 1'07 R 0 Sales 5 DiNING S TABLES ACOUSTSC W CAFE Haliwflmemllas Kids Kaiser STAGE :No Tents) 33.5 A Crafls Permanente Concess. Activiiics Childre n's 710 1. Stage [CeKrcme iceKIerne Mill MEI] K 720 719 <wTo Carnival final [0 56.5).) 715 714 713 ‘53? MAIN STREET MAIN STREET < To Rethe EN To Government Cente r .......> 15.» 11f} Chapter Eight Priority 1U identification: Nature of Risk Weather: rain or extreme heat Fire and evacuation Crowd control Financial management Assessment: Impact of Risk Rain will result in poor attend— ance and low on—site saies; problems with tong lines; po~ tential electrical and other equip— ment failure. impact wouid be extremely serious; however risk is not high due to venue design. Biggest potential impact is on entry to venue due to traffic delays. Financial failure for event orga~ ntzer, bank- ruptcy or breach of contract. Management: Control Monitor weather reports. Provide cover (also at entrance) for spectators. Needs to be part of event promotional material. Electrical hazards must be avoided through careful planning, come potent subcontractors, control systems for safety and continuous supply. Establish ERP. Continuously monitor and control, using checkiists (eg, fire equipment, access and exits). Staff training Use promotional material and ticketing process to advise audience on transportation options and parking Provide ushers, signage and crowd con— troi barriers to avoid congestion. Financial control systems: iimited authority for purchasing and expendin ture. Contract and cash flow management by finance committee. Con“ trol of ticket revenue Management: Contingency Planning Roving staff self ponchos if it is Wet 0r drinks and water if it is very hot. Provide staff with free wet weather gear or water, as appropriate. Estabiish task force to maintain electricat supply and backup systems. ER? to identify clear communication with emergency services. Senior staff appros priately deployed. the ticketed patrons will be aliowed into the venue Once game has started without ticket checking through turnstiles. Senior staff depioyed to deal with resuiting problems of gate crashers. Limited. Shortsterm money market. Sponsorship with VIPs. J’igure 8—3 Risk Management Plan ...
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Site_plan_and_Risk_Mgt_Plan - Coca-Cola Food Court and...

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