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sponsorship_opportunities_form - ANIGHTOFINDULGENCE Name...

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A NIGHT OF INDULGENCE SPONSORSHIP REGISTRATION FORM Name _____________________________________________________________ Title ______________________________________________________________ Corporation _______________________________________________________ (Please check a box to indicate which name you prefer to have listed in the event program and print the  name of the individual or corporation exactly as you wish to have it appear.) Address ______________________________________________________________________ City ____________________________ State ________________ Zip ______________ Phone (___)______________ Email ________________________________________  Web site_____________________________________ Yes, I would like to participate in A Night of Indulgence as a Gold Sponsor: Gold - $20,000 Named as a Lead Sponsor of the main event including prominent signage One full-page ad in evening program Mention in the press release and prominence in the evening program, on website and signage Personalized plaque of appreciation Acknowledgement from the stage Opportunity to provide gift bags and/or include a branded item in gift bags 20 tickets Yes, I would like to participate in A Night of Indulgence as a Silver Sponsor: Silver - $10,000 10 tickets ½
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  • Spring '10
  • Felser
  • evening program, Web site_____________________________________, Indulgence 4400 University Drive Fairfax, INDULGENCE SPONSORSHIP REGISTRATION

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sponsorship_opportunities_form - ANIGHTOFINDULGENCE Name...

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