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Unformatted text preview: Bar Graph of Frequency Table Create a bar graph from categorical data already summarized in a frequency table. MTB > chart c3; SUBC> title "Distribution of Births By Day of Week in 2005"; SUBC> axlabel 1 "Day of Week"; SUBC> axlabel 2 "Number of Births"; SUBC> frequency c2; SUBC> bar. where c3 is the column containing categories. c2 is the column containing frequencies. Birth_Days_of_Week Bar Graph of Table Values Compare a set of quantities measured in same units. MTB > chart c2*c1; SUBC> title "Percent Who Bought Music Online by Age Group"; SUBC> summarized; SUBC> bar. where c1 is the column containing group labels. c2 is the column containing values to be compared across groups. Buy_Music_Online ...
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