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ECON 104 –A01 Principles of Macroeconomics Instructor: Nicholas Curott Summer 2010 FINAL REVIEW SHEET: The Final is on Thursday, June 17 from 7pm to 10pm ! Make sure to bring a Bluebook ; I will collect all of the bluebooks and mix them up and distribute them back out randomly. ! The Final will be worth 30% of your final grade. I am going to score it out of a total of 200 points: ! Part A (worth 40%): will consist of 20 multiple choice/short-answer questions, worth 4 points each for a total of 80 points . ! Part B (worth 60%): will consist of 2 essay questions, worth 60 points each for a total of 120 points . I will give you three or four questions to choose from, and you will be required to answer whichever two you prefer. The Final is cumulative, but the most recent chapters of the book will be represented more heavily in the multiple choice/short answer section. For the essay questions there are no length requirements as long as the question is adequately answered. As a basic guideline, it would probably be appropriate to write somewhere between 3 and 5 bluebook pages depending upon the question, the size of your writing, and how succinct your answer is. Ceteris paribus , providing more information is better. However, make sure to demonstrate what you do know and not what you don’t know. Wrong information will result in a loss of points. Clarity, coherence, and conciseness will be rewarded. Padding your answer with extraneous verbiage will not. Focus on reviewing the central ideas and topics discussed in class and in the book, and make sure you can answer an open-ended question about each of them. For example, I spent half a class talking about the calculation debate, so be prepared to write at length about the most important
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Final_Review - ECON 104 A01 Principles of Macroeconomics...

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