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Theory and Philosophy of Communication Communicational Theory Lecture by: Dr. Natalie Nelson-Marsh THE RELATIONSHIP Conversations The Cybernetic Tradition Patterns of interactions in which words and actions effects a response Relational Patterns of Interaction Communication is constantly being expressed within a relationship The Sociopsychological Tradition Typing and characterizing individuals and relationships Relational Schemas in the Family To provide information about the kinds of families using the scientific method Social Penetration Theory Learn through breadth and depth The Sociocultural Tradition
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Unformatted text preview: Emphasis on interaction Bakhtin’s Theory of Dialogics Language used to work out verbal/non-verbal tensions A Dialectical Theory of Relationship Explores complex ways in which persons in a relationship use communication to manage the naturally opposing forces that impinge on their relationships at any given time Reflections, applications, and implications 1.) Relationships are formed, maintained, and changed through communication 2.) Relationships are coordinated 3.) Relationships are dynamic 4.) Partners in a relationship actively mange tension...
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