the idea of theory

the idea of theory - Explanations – dynamic connections...

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Theory and Philosophy of Communication Communicational Theory Lecture by: Dr. Natalie Nelson-Marsh The Idea of Theory Explain the importance of theory It offers a way to capture the “truth” of a phenomena They are tied to action Reduce experience to abstractions Constructions Questions What theories are (abstract, constructions, etc.) Focus’ our attention on certain things Guidebooks Tools t help examine something in the world Categorize – helps observe and see the environment How are theories beneficial and limited Why is this statement important “Questioning a theory’s usefulness is wiser than questioning its truthfulness” Explain the dimensions of all theories and how we use these dimensions to explore communication theory Why are we using this model? How does it apply? Explain the concepts, explanations, and principles Concepts – building blocks
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Unformatted text preview: Explanations – dynamic connections Principles – guidelines for action Explain the philosophical assumptions (epistemological, ontological, and axiological), why do you need to look for assumptions Epistemology – questions of knowledge Ontology – questions of existence Axiology – questions of value Explain the theoretical ideal continuum, describe how the model (assumptions, concepts, explanations, and principles) applies to Nomothetic and Practical Ideals Nomothetic Theory – defined as that which seeks universal or general laws Practical Theory – differences among situations provides understanding alternative courses Discuss the model for evaluating theories, come up with at least one additional criteria you might use for evaluating theory and justify why it might be helpful...
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the idea of theory - Explanations – dynamic connections...

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