sociocultural - Identity is social Reality is symbolic A we...

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Theory and Philosophy of Communication Communicational Theory Lecture by: Dr. Natalie Nelson-Marsh Tradition Sociocultural (identifying as a member of a group) (language) Theory Practical Concepts Patterns of interaction between people Explanations Managing/meshing behaviors in time through different interactions Understandings/meanings/norms/roles are worked interactively To understand another culture – its meanings Principles Identifying with group or community Participation/observation Assimilate yourself in the culture Immersion in the culture to understand their meaning Philosophical Assumptions Epistemological Knowledge is highly interpreted and constructed by social/cultural situations Local/specific about the knowledge that is culturally constructed Social influence shapes who you are Ontological Identity becomes a fusion of individuals and ourselves in social roles as cultural beings People create a reality of their social groups together
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Unformatted text preview: Identity is social Reality is symbolic A we Experience through the group Meanings are social Axiological Value latent Researcher has to become part of the group Ethnography/ethnomethology Ethnography – writing about those peoples experiences – description is of cultures Come from my perspective Phase 2 – life example, choose an artifact or an example, explain and evaluate this artifact or example using the theory, make sure you use the theoretical concepts while staying consistent with the philosophical assumptions Phase 3 – create an argument, based on this theory’s concepts and assumptions, what arguments can we draw from this theory, how would theorist from other traditions view these arguments, compare and contrast these view points, explain what tension points arise and why they are important...
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sociocultural - Identity is social Reality is symbolic A we...

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