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Practical - (has to be a part of the culture to understand...

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Theory and Philosophy of Communication Communicational Theory Lecture by: Dr. Natalie Nelson-Marsh Practical Not as dominant as nonomethic (active role in…) Concepts Relativity – concepts are fluid Malleable – able to change, based on experiences Language to organize and frame what you see Different response to different situations Provides an understanding Explanations Has a range of options Provides understanding as to make choices Goals and rules Patterns of behavior Norms or goals Patterns Goal-oriented Interaction Norms/social rules Principles Ethical code that guides how I act as a researcher
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Unformatted text preview: (has to be a part of the culture to understand it) Has set of methods that build – on actions Philosophical Assumptions Epistemological Believe – knowledge rises from our actions It is socially constructed We create what we know about our world Ontological (humans make real choices) Reality emerges when we interrupt it Axiological Value conscious Enter to what you see Descriptive – idea of how Life example: Choose a life and explain this life example using the theoretical concepts while staying consistent with the philosophical assumptions...
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