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Theory and Philosophy of Communication Communicational Theory Lecture by: Dr. Natalie Nelson-Marsh Tradition Critical – Post-Modern (technology gives us knowledge) (oppressive messages in society) (privilege and power) Theory Practical Concepts No universal truth Cultural studies (class, race, gender) No ground narratives (are created) Privilege/power are a creation Explanations Instability of meaning Historical social approach
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Unformatted text preview: Critical discovery – worth investigating Principles Accomplish change through action Questions of pre-existing symbols Philosophical Assumptions Epistemological Arises knowledge from interaction Knowledge produced/reproduced Ontological Reality is constantly changing and fleeting interaction Human as an agent Axiological Value-laden Researcher has responsibility for change...
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  • Fall '09
  • Dr.NatalieNelson-Marsh
  • Sociology, Communicational Theory Lecture, Dr. Natalie Nelson-Marsh, Assumptions Epistemological Arises, Axiological Value-laden Researcher, creation Explanations Instability

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