notes 10 - mutually acceptable agreement Perception...

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Interpersonal Communication The Basics Lecture Material by Kevin Skidmore Perception: What You See is What You Get Androgynous – combines masculine and feminine traits Attribution – the process of attaching meaning to behavior Empathy – the ability to re-create another person’s perspective to experience the world from the others point of view Ethnocentrism – the attitude that one’s own culture is superior to others Gender role – socially approved ways that men and women are expected to behave Halo effect – to form an overall positive impression of a person on the bases of one positive characteristic Horn effect (or “devil effect”) – forming a negative impression of someone Interpretation – the process of attaching meaning to sense data Narrative – the stories we use to describe our personal worlds perception in order to find a mutually acceptable agreement Organization – selecting information from the environment and arranging it in some meaningful way Negotiation – a process in which two or more parties discuss specific proposals in order to find a
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Unformatted text preview: mutually acceptable agreement Perception checking – three-part method for verifying the accuracy of interpretations including a description of the sense data, two possible interpretations, and a request for confirmation of the interpretation Pillow method – 1.) I am right your wrong, 2.) your right I’m wrong, 3.) both right both wrong, 4.) the issue isn’t important, 5.) truth in all four perspectives Punctuation – the process of determining the causal order of events Selection – the first stage in the perception process in which some data are chosen to attend to and others to ignore Self-serving bias – the tendency to interpret and explain information in a way that casts the perceiver in the most favorable manner Stereotyping – exaggerated generalizations associated with a categorizing system Sympathy – compassion for another’s situation...
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notes 10 - mutually acceptable agreement Perception...

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