flash cards 2 - Organizational Communication Theory and...

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Organizational Communication Theory and Practice Flash Cards Lecture by Dr. John McClellan Part 2 Critical approach Being critical: Not fault finding Its about questioning Three things critical thinkers agree with: 1.) Certain societal structures lead to fundamental imbalances of power 2.) The imbalances of power lead to alienation and oppression of certain groups 3.) The role is to explore and uncover those imbalances and bring them to our attention Aim is for emancipation To emancipate those struggling in the structure What does it mean to be critical? Four characteristics: 1.) Have a critical attitude 2.) Critical method 3.) Concern for power 4.) Intervention Organizational discourse Relationship of power Ideology Related in language Hegemony See beyond particular worldview Resistance How are people doing this Two ways of being critical: Concretive control Team controls people Feminist theories Women in the workplace How – critical
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1.) Identify and challenge assumptions behind ordinary ways of perceiving, conceiving, and acting 2.) Recognize the influence of history, culture, and social positioning on beliefs and actions 3.) Imagine and explore extraordinary alternatives, ones that may disrupt established orders 4.) Being appropriately skeptical about any knowledge or solution that claims to be the only truth Power can enable Mumby: Power and Ideology Power Organizations claim to be based in rationality Mode of rationality Power sustained by social construction and patterned behavior through discourse by a story Functions of ideology: 1.) Represents sectional interests as universal 2.) Denies contradictions 3.) Naturalizes the present through reification 4.) Serves to control Identity and identification Active, something we do, a performance What makes it possible for us to recognize an individual or organization as distinct Enacted through or by communicators Identification The process of doing identity How does this happen? Through communication
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flash cards 2 - Organizational Communication Theory and...

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