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Anatomy Quiz 2 Spring09 - A superior vena cava B right...

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Biology 302 Quiz 2 Sp 09 1. All of the following will directly increase blood pressure, EXCEPT: A. increased release of a positive inotropic chemical B. an increase in blood viscosity C. an increase in the total length of blood vessels in the body * D. vasodilation E. Tachycardia- increase in heart rate 2. Where in the cardiovascular system would blood pressure normally be highest?
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Unformatted text preview: A. superior vena cava B. right subclavian vein * C. renal artery D. pulmonary artery E. systemic capillaries 3. If the interstitial fluid osmotic pressure increases then ---------* A. net filtration pressure will go up B. net filtration pressure will go down C. net reabsorption pressure will not change D. Both A and C are true E. none of the above...
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