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Biology 301 Quiz # 3 Fall 2008 1. Two important structural proteins in a sarcomere are ____. A. troponin and tropomyosin B. myomesin and titin* C. actin and myosin D. titin and actin E. myosin and alpha actinin 2. During the contraction cycle, when ATP binds to the myosin heads, the first thing that happens is ____. A. formation of crossbridges between myosin and actin B. rotation of the myosin heads toward the center of the sarcomere
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Unformatted text preview: C. detachment of the myosin heads from actin* D. rotation of the myosin heads toward the Z discs E. detachment of tropomyosin from troponin 3. The following is true about the terminal cisternae________ A. It has Ca ++ pumps B. It has Ca ++ channels C. It has Na + /K + pumps D. All of the above E. Only A and B *...
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