Civil War Part 2

Civil War Part 2 - A Winter of Discontent Military...

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A Winter of Discontent Military situation causing concern in North Shuffling top military posts Union defeats at Fredericksburg and Vicksburg Copperheads found ready audience for criticism Declining Northern morale Increased calls to end war/seek peace Economic conditions in South deteriorating Imbalanced economy; blockade; occupation; drought Spurred hoarding, rising prices, food riots, looting Draft: “rich man’s war, poor man’s fight” Confederate draft (Oct. 1862) = socio-economic tensions: Rising cost of substitutes Twenty Negro Law Union draft (Mar. 1863) Bounty Jumpers Commutation fees socio-economic tensions (exploited by Northern Dems; ex. Irish fight to free slave competitors; New York Draft Riot in July 1863)
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Republican Hegemony in Congress Homestead Act (1862) 160 acres Improve land 5 years 80 million acres distributed Morrill Land-Grant College Act (1862) Agricultural and mechanical arts” Examples: Univ. of Arizona, Colorado State, Univ. of Nebraska 25 million acres to colleges; 100+ colleges
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Civil War Part 2 - A Winter of Discontent Military...

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