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ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY HST 109 Cody Marshall Fall, 2008 Office: COOR 4516 Line # 80064 Office Phone: 727-8709 T, Th. 12:00pm-1:15pm phillip.marshall@asu.edu Discovery Hall 150 Office Hours: M, W. 10:00-12:00 Course Description: This course will introduce students to the first century of United States history, but the course will begin by examining the history of indigenous cultures on the North American continent, and those people’s initial interactions with Europeans. The course will cover a number of major historical events in the United States’ history, beginning with the origins of the American Revolutionary War and ending with the Civil War. Class Requirements: The students should be familiar with assigned readings before each class begins. Attendance will not be taken, but there will be 5 in-class assignments or quizzes based on the required readings, which may be given at the beginning, middle, or end of class. In-class discussions will be used to examine primary sources; students will break into groups and discuss the material assigned and how it relates to primary source material. There will be three exams during the semester which will be based on the readings and course lectures, none of the exams will be cumulative in content. The exams will consist of multiple choice questions, terms to be identified, and essay questions. There are two required papers for this course; the first will be a short two page (double spaced) paper, which will consist of you choosing two primary sources from the primary source collection, and compare and contrast them; the second paper will be a longer five page paper (double spaced) in which you will compare the assigned novel, Uncle Toms Cabin , to historical events taking place in the United States during the time of its publication. The two writing assignments shall be submitted by the student through
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History_109_Syllabus--80064-1 - ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY...

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