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health study guide - Study Guide Health 207 Test #1 Health...

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Study Guide Health 207 Test #1 Health care system Always changing Anything about health care is in the system Government pays 45% of U.S health insurance Long term care is an issue because of baby boom Immigration effects the system +Positive: borders open to contribute to economy -Negitive: taxes increase because of health insurance Health Care system(HCS): A loosly organized whole composed of many evolving interdependent components and deleted by identifiable boundaries from society. People in the health care system Patients Consumers Employers Government “The bestest for the mostest with the leastest” Best quality for the most people with the lowest cost. Nurses Nurses are employed by the hospital Babyboom nurses are retiring Overworking because of shortage A lot of conflict with doctors Maternitiy leave Gross Domestic Product (GDP): total economic output in one year. Everything that it provides, makes, serves. 16% of everything the U.S makes is spent on health insurance. Reasons for Cost Increase 1. Third Party Payers Moral Hazard- when you have insurance you don’t care how much it is because you have a co-pay and demand increases. People go to doctors for simple events. 2. Imperfect Market 3. Technology It drives up cost Expensive to make Low per capita utilization-not many people use it
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4. Aging in America
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health study guide - Study Guide Health 207 Test #1 Health...

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