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ot211 study guide - Philosophy of OT - Represents the...

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Philosophy of OT - Represents the professions view of the nature of existence and gives meaning to and guides the actions of the profession. It also provides the fundamental set of values, beliefs, truths, and principles that guide the professions practitioners. Reasons to study Theory - To validate and guide practice - To justify reimbursement - to clarify specialization issues - to enhance the growth of the profession and the professionalism of its member - to meet AOTA essentials How Therapist Use Theory -it helps to understand what we should consider as important and it helps explain why we do what we do -Theory becomes a part of our tacit knowledge – just something that we know -Guides practice -Similar to our own belief system in the first place most likely -If given a theory an OT can go back and show how their practice falls within the theory Anne Mosey -Teacher, scholor - recent impact on OT (1960s- 90s) - focused on effort more in mental health at first then broadened to all of OT - outlined the developmental perspective - identifided the 7 core values - defined activities therapy- learning by doing - teaching/learning process is crucial - Acquisitional: skills that are learned independent of others
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ot211 study guide - Philosophy of OT - Represents the...

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